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Accountancy Services

Accountancy & Taxation Services

Maintaining accurate books and accounting records is essential to managing your business success. Without accuracy you may well find yourself overpaying your tax or facing extortionate fines. It can often seem a daunting task but if managed correctly can prove hugely beneficial to your business.

At Westbury we can manage as much or as little as you are comfortable with. We can assist you through all legal obligations and help you put forward precise accounts, so that you keep hold of more of your money. Tax is a necessity, but with accurate accounting it can become a formality.

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Specialised Consultancy

At Westbury we offer a specialised consultancy that aims to provide the ultimate bespoke service to our clients.

Initially we will sit with you and discuss your situation, analysing exactly what it is you are asking from us and looking to create a personalised plan.

By tailoring our service to you in this way, rather than looking to assign you to an area that may well prove unsuitable to your requirements, we believe that we offer a unique opportunity to our clients to fully utilise the capabilities of our staff.

Our Specialised consultancy deals most frequently with sale and purchase, from merger transactions with trustees through to becoming executors on wills or analysing tax allowances. Each requirement will be different, which is why we remain so flexible. What you can guarantee though is attention to detail that leaves no stone unturned.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Westbury we encourage our clients to come in for a free initial consultation before anything is agreed. Until we know exactly what your requirements are, we won’t know exactly how to help you, so come and see us to let us find out!

There are no hidden costs with us. We are confident that once we have spoken to you in detail we will have an accurate idea of exactly how we can help. Once this is done we will offer you a fixed price upfront for the service to be performed.

Changing your accountant couldn’t be easier. Once you have decided that Westbury is for you, we ask you to sign a series of forms confirming your intention to move and then you can leave the rest to us. We often have clients wanting to transfer to us and each one would agree that the transition was an easy one.